Kirjoittanut Wespa | 24 tammikuu, 2011

Defragment your Mind – Paul Collier

Rentouttavaa musiikkia. Anna energioiden virrata ja tunne hyvä olo. 🙂

Take some time just for you, listen to this relaxing music that has specially selected tones called binaural tones that can deeply relax your mind, and body.

Mind defragment V.1
music by Paul Collier
Download in highest quality mp3 from

We gain so much information every single day of our lives, from the moment of our birth (if not before) until the day our physical body dies, Some is chosen, such as learning how to drive, how to speak. But by far, most of the information our brain stores each day is…junk! We tire ourselves out each day working, staying up too late, then the rest of the time is sat in front of mindless tv showing us ideals of lives that dont exist in the real world, or scenes so violent and frightening our poor brains that take EVERYTHING weather real or imagined/make believed as REAL events. We abuse our brains so much and we never give it a second thought, in fact, have you ever thought of it in that way even once? We give caring thoughts to people who are less fortunate to ourselves, to poorly treated animals, to our gadgets, but you would miss your brain the most if it broke!

Take time, often, please, to do nothing, to sit listening to relaxing music with eyes closed, or to even sit still with no sounds at all playing, (if you can do this without fighting unwanted negative thoughts) sometimes the music is needed to focus your attention in a healthy way, this can often keep your mind in a relaxed state, and quiten down the busy thoughts your mind likes to throw at you.



  1. Aika helmi löytö nämä sivut! Kiitos 🙂


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